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The West-Sichuan is also known as Kham in Tibetan. It is a region characterized by majestic natural landscapes, even more impressive than Tibet, as it lies exactly at the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet-Plateau. With this tour, you will find the place of Shambala (Paradise), which inspired the Novel "The Lost Horizon".     

  • Day 1 Arrvial in Chengdu

    Arrival in Chengdu. Meet and greet by your local guide. Transfer to hotel. Visiting the old downtown "Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi" and the People's Park

  • Day 2 Chengdu-Wolong-Siguniangshan

    Car ride to Mt. Siguniangshan (223KM). En route visiting the ancient irrigation system in Dujiangyan and the Giant Panda breeding center in Wolong. 

  • Day 3 Hiking in the pure nature

    Siguniangshan means in chinese 4-sister-mountain, because there are 4 peaks in a row. Whole-day trekking in the Changping valley,  16-25KM at the altitude of 3300m-3800m, to enjoy different sceneries of Snow mountain, Grassland and Forrests.  

  • Day 4 Sigunianshan-Danba

    Car ride to Danba (111KM). Danba is a beautiful place with unique fort-like buildings (Diaolous) and beautiful girls. The local tibetan people are called as "Jiarong Tribe". Visiting a Jiarong village of well-preseved Jiaolous. 

  • Day 5 Danba-Seda

    Car ride to Seda (383KM). En route visiting the Bamei Grassland and the Huiyuan Monastery, which was built in 1729 and once the residence of the 07th. Dalai Lama. Visiting the Buddhism College of Seda. 

  • Day 6 Seda-Xinlong

    Car ride to Xinlong (280KM). Xinlong was a hidden place due to extremely difficult traffic. Therefore this place remains authentic and untouristic. It lies in the valley of Yalong River, in form of lotus flower, surrounded by snow mountains. An ideal place for photographs. 

  • Day 7 Xinlong-Daocheng

    Car ride to Daocheng (310KM). En route visiting the Changqing Chunkeer Monastery in Litang, the place of reincarnation of the 07th. and 11th. Dalai Lama. Daocheng is regarded as the prototype of Paradise, which was depicted in the novel "the Lost Horizon“.

  • Day 8 Daocheng-Yading

    Drive to the Yading Nationalpark (120KM) and one day trekking tour (16KM) to the Three Holy Snow Mountains: Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong and Xianuoduojie. The Tibetan people regard them as the manifestation of three most worshipped Buddhisatvas. 

  • Day 9 Yading-Daocheng

    Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise on the holy mountains. Afterwards drive back to Daocheng. 

  • Day 10 Daocheng-Yajiang

    Car ride to Yajiang (286KM) across two 4500m high passes along the famous Sichuan-Tibet highway. You will understand why this road is called as "Sky Road".  

  • Day 11 Yajiang-Ya'an

    Car ride to Ya'an (315KM). En route visiting Kangding, the city once marked the border of  Tibetan Region. Near Kangding there stands the majestic Mt. Gongga, 7514m, the socalled "king of all moutains in Kham".

  • Day 12 Ya'an-Leshan-Chengdu Depart

    Car ride to Chengdu (180KM). En route visiting the Giant Buddha Statue in Leshan. Transfer to airport and depart.