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A fascinating land at the center of Asia is still to explore: Mongolia. Snow mountains, crystal clean lakes and seemingly limitless deserted steppes shape the picture of Mongolia.

  • Day 1 Beijing-Transsiberien Train

    Take the transsiberien train starting from Beijing. The train ride crosses the Great Wall and reaches the Chinese/Mongolian at Erlian. Here the train track has to be changed due to the different width of the track in Mongolia. On the further trip you will enjoy a constantly changing scenery of plais and hills. 

  • Day 2 Ulaan Baatar

    Arrival in Ulaan Baatar. Meet and greet by local tour guide. Visiting the Grand Square Sukhbaatar, the Zaisan Hill with a beautiful panorama and the Bodg Khan's Winterpalace Museum. 

  • Day 3 Ulaan Baatar-Hustai

    Visiting the Gandan monastery, whose origin lies in Tibet. Gandan is the most active buddhistic center in the Mongolia. Afterwards heading for west to the Hustai Biosphere Reserve, which offers typical mongolian forrest- and steppelandscapes. You may observe there wild horses "Takhis". Overnight in Ger Camp.

  • Day 4 Hustai-Khugnu Khan

    Car ride to Khugnu Khan Reserve, which is rich in historic sightseeing spots and natural seneries. Visiting the Erdenekhamba Monastery and make a trekking across the sand dunes of Ikh Mongol. Overnight in Ger Camp. 

  • Day 5 Khugnu Khan-Karakhorumakhorum

    Car ride to the former capital Karakhorum, where the first buddhistic monastery in Mongolia was built. Visiting the temples of Erden Zuu and the Kharakhorum museum.  Overnight in Ger Camp. 

  • Day 6 Orkhon Valley

    One day excursion to the Orkhon Valley Natural and Historical Reserve, which is known as the cradle of the Mongolian Nationality and has a lot of archaeological discoveries from the 06th. Century. You will meet local nomads here.  Overnight in Ger Camp. 

  • Day 7 Karakhorum-Gobi

    Today we continue our journey in the direction of west to Gobi. Visiting the Onji Monastery, which is located at the Onji River, as well as another monastery ruin in an area of black lava-mountains, where you will make 1-hour trekking. 

  • Day 8 Gobi-Bayanzag

    Car ride in the Gobi to Bayanzag, a place rich of dinosaur fossils. The local rock formation is made of red sand stones. In the evening sunshine, the rocks turns glow-red and seem burning. Therefore they are called as "flaming cliffs". 2 hour trekking in this area.  Overnight in Ger Camp. 

  • Day 9 Bayanzag

    Visiting the spectacular sand dunes in Kohngoriin Els. The dunes are over 180KM lang and 4KM wide. In the afternoon visiting a nomad family, where you will have a chance for a camel ride. Overnight in Ger Camp. 

  • Day 10 Eagle Valley

    Excursion to the "Eagle Valley", where even in summer the ice melts not completely. Visiting the Yolyn-Am Ice field museum to get more known of the local flora and fauna. 

  • Day 11 Dalanzadgad-Ulaan Bataar

    Transfer to Dalanzadgad Airport. Take a short flight back to Ulaan Bataar and Free time at Leisure. 

  • Day 12 Depart

    Transfer to airport. Depart.