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Sichuan is a wonderful land with long history, beautiful sceneries and a delightful life. Get yourself indulged in this tour combining so many interesting elements. 

  • Day 1 Arrvial in Chengdu

    Arrival in Chengdu. Meet and greet by your local guide. Transfer to hotel. Visiting the old downtown "Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi" and the People's Park

  • Day 2 Flavor of Chengdu

    Have a private cooking class in the Sichuan Cuisine Museum to explore more about local food. Afterwards transfer to Jinsha National Archaeological Site Park.  

  • Day 3 Chengdu-Wolong-Siguniangshan

    Car ride to Mt. Siguniangshan (223KM). En route visiting the ancient irrigation system in Dujiangyan and the Giant Panda breeding center in Wolong. 

  • Day 4 Hiking in the pure nature

    Siguniangshan means in chinese 4-sister-mountain, because there are 4 peaks in a row. Whole-day trekking in the Changping valley,  16-25KM at the altitude of 3300m-3800m, to enjoy different sceneries of Snow mountain, Grassland and Forrests.  

  • Day 5 Across Snow Mountain to Ya'an

    Drive across the Jiajinshan Mountains (4930m) to Ya'an (232KM), where the Giant Panda was discovered in the 1860s. En route you will enjoy a fairy scenery consisting of snow mountains, forrests, streams and lakes. 

  • Day 6 Ya'an-Leshan-Mt.Emeishan

    Visiting the Mengdingshan Mountain, where Tea was at the first time planted in China 2000 years ago. Take an easy hiking in the tea plantation incl. tea tasting. Afterwards transfer to Mt. Emeishan.  En route visiting the Giant Buddha Statue in Leshan. 

  • Day 7 Mt. Emeishan

    One day sight seeing in Mt. Emeishan, one of the 4 most famous buddhistic holy mountains in China. Take a ropeway to the mountain top and visiting numerous temples, pavillons, statues. 

  • Day 8 Emeishan-Chengdu Airport

    Car ride to Chengdu (160KM). Transfer to airport and depart.