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This tour will provide you an exclusive opportunity to discover some most vivid, both in terms of nature and culture, areas of Yunnan. High mountains, deep gorges, authentic traditions make this tour a dreamlike journey. 

  • Day 1 Arrival in Shangri-la

    Arrival in Shangri-la. Meet and Greet by your local guide. Transfer to hotel, followed by a strolling in the old town. 

  • Day 2 Shangri-la

    Visiting the Songtselin Monastery and the Shangri-la Nationalpark. 

  • Day 3 Shangrila-Deqin

    Car ride to Deqin. The starting point of the upcoming 4-day trekking tour. Visiting the oberservatory  to Mt. Kawagebo, which is a sacred snow mountain in the Tibetan region of Yunnan and one of the most desirable pilgrimage destinations for the Tibetan people. 

  • Day 4 Trekking to Yubeng

    Departing from the Feilaisi Village, you will be transferred by car downhill to the Xidang village across the Mekong. Starting from there, at the altitude of 2,800m, you are going to trek 12 KM over the Nantsong La Pass of 3,700m to the village Yubeng, your lodge for the next three days, in the height of 3,400m. Medium level, 6-7 hours. 

  • Day 5 Trekking to the Holy Waterfall

    Enjoy an easy trekking tour to the holy waterfall, 7 KM one way. The route is basically flat, has only 200 meters up and down. Total 6 hours for the return tour. 

  • Day 6 Trekking to the Base Camp

    Today a challenge is awaiting you. Your goal is the base camp, 9 KM away from Yubeng village. En route you have to overcome 2 passes of 3,700 and 3,900m meters. However you will be rewarded with the most amazing views. Total 8 hours for the return tour.

  • Day 7 Trekking through the Ninong Canyon

    Depart from Yubeng. You will enjoy a 16KM long trekking through the Ninong Canyon to the riverbank of Mekong at the altitude of 2,100m, a descending of almost 1,200 meter. There you will be picked up and transferred to Cizong in the lovely Lodge: Songtsam Cizong. Treat yourself a glass of champagne for your great accomplishments of the last days.

  • Day 8 Cizhong-Tacheng

    Visiting the 150-year-old catholic church in Cizong and a local vineyard. Afterwards Transfer to Tacheng. Visiting the Tausend year old Ginko Tree. 

  • Day 9 Tacheng-Tiger Leap Gorges

    Visiting the Yunnan Golden Monkey Reservat in the moutains near Tacheng in the morning. The Yunnan Gold Monkey is regarded as rare as Giant Panda and highly cherished. Afterwards transfer to Qiaotou town at the entrance of the Tiger Leap Gorges. 4-5 hour trekking via "22 bends" to today's accommodation on the high route. 

  • Day 10 Trekking in the Gorges

    5-6 hour Trekking  further along the high route. Enjoy the most fantastic views of the mountain ranges at the both sides of the Gorges. 

  • Day 11 Tiger Leap Gorges-Lijiang

    2-hour Trekking downhills to the riverbank in the middle section of the Tiger Leap Gorge, the most narrow piont. Standing at the Jinsha River, you may feel its roaring power. At last you will be picked up and car ride to Lijiang.  

  • Day 12 Lijiang

    Lijiang is a famous old city, a UNESCO world culture heritage. Visiting the Black-Dragon-Pond Park, the Dongba Museum and the former Residence of Regent MU. 

  • Day 13 Lijiang

    The traditional inhabitants in Lijiang are Naxi People. They have their own characters and very unique traditions and cutsoms which are still practised in their daily life. Excursion to 2 Naxi villages to explore these more. 

  • Day 14 Depart

    Transfer to airport. Depart.