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Following the steps of those legendary caranvans in the ancient ages to explore this region, where east and west met in the first time in the human history. 

  • Day 1 Arrival in Xi'an

    Arrival in  Xi'an and greet and meet by your local guide. Visiting the night markt in the Downtown of Xi'an. 

  • Day 2 Xi'an

    The legendary tour to the Terra Cotta Army,  and strolling on the ancient Citywall. 

  • Day 3 Xi'an-Lanzhou

    Take highspeed train to Lanzhou, the capital city on the Hexi Corridor, the entrance of the Silk Road. Visiting the 100-year old iron bridge on the Yellow River and tasting the famous beef noodle, which is nationwide famous. 

  • Day 4 Lanzhou

    One day excursion to Binglingsi Grottes at the Yellow River. Since the 05th. Century grottoes had been carved into the cliffs at the riverbank to worship Buddhist figures. The visiting is combined with a boat tour through the Yellow River Gorges. 

  • Day 5 Lanzhou-Zhangye

    Take highspeed train to Zhangye. Visiting the Zhangye Danxia Geopark. Danxia is a kind of land formation consists of ranges of colourful rocks, most of which are red. Here you will see a lot of rocks chained, twisted and paralleled in wild and astonishing ways.  

  • Day 6 Zhangye-Jiayuguan

    Take highspeed train to Jiayuguan. Visiting the Jiayuguan Pass, the "End of the Great Wall" and a tomb from the Wei & Jin Dynasty (ca. 3th. Century A.D.). 

  • Day 7 Jiayuguan-Dunhuang

    Car ride to Dunhuang and visiting the world famous Mogao Grottes. 

  • Day 8 Yardang Geopark

    Excursion to the Yardang Geological Park. 180KM northwestern of Dunhuang. In the vast park there are numerous earth formations, which were shaped by millions years of wind erosion.A jeep ride aournd the park (too huge to walk) is highly recommended to see as many "nature workpieces" as possbile.  

  • Day 9 Dunhuang-Turfan

    Enjoy a sunrise on the sand hills in the morning. After breakfast, transfer to railway station in Liuyuan. Take highspeed train to Turfan, a famous oasis in the Gobi with rich historic attractions. 

  • Day 10 Turfan

    One day sight seeing tour to the ruins of Jiaohe Town, once an administration center built in the 7th. Century, the "Karez",  an unique irrigation system customized to the dry climate and a local vineyard. 

  • Day 11 Turfan-Kurla

    Car ride to Kurla. En route visiting the Boston Lake. 

  • Day 12 Kurla-Kucha

    Car ride to Kucha. Kucha was once a small kingdom with splendid history, which you still can touch today. Visiting the Subashi Ruins and the Kucha Grand Mosque. 

  • Day 13 Kucha

    One day excursion to the surrounding areas of Kucha. Visiting the Kizil Tousend Buddha Caves at first, followed by a tour to the Tianshan Grand Canyon. 

  • Day 14 Across the Taklamakan Desert to Hotan

    Car ride across the Taklamakan Desert, once was regarded as the "Dead Sea". Picknick en route with interesting sceneries.  You will arrive in Hotan in the late afternoon. 

  • Day 15 Hotan

    Visiting the Malikewat Old City, a local Bazaar. Afterwards free time at leisure. 

  • Day 16 Hotan-Kashgar

    Car ride to Kashgar. En route visiting Altunluk Mausoleum in Yarkant. 

  • Day17 Kashgar

    One day city tour in Kashgar. Visiting the Apak Hoja Mazzar, also called as Fragrant Princess Tomb, the Grand Mosque, the Old Quartier and if on Sunday the Liftstock Market. 

  • Day 18 Kashgar-Karakul Lake-Kashgar

    One day excursion to the Karakul Lake, which sits at the foot of the 7500m high Mt. Mutztag. You will drive along the famous Karakorum Highway and enjoy spectular views on the way. 

  • Day 19 Depart

    Transfer to airport. Depart